Undergraduate Advising


Freshmen and Sophomores – Contact the ASC Office at 860-486-2822 to make appointments with Sarah Fillion.

Juniors and Seniors – Go to nexus.uconn.edu to make an appointment with your faculty advisor.

Emails: Please include your People Soft number in all correspondence. A response is generally provided within 24-48 hours, Monday-Friday.

Role of Academic & Faculty Advisors

Students can declare Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) as a major by logging into ppc.uconn.edu. There are no additional requirements in order to become a SLHS major. Upon declaring the SLHS major, first and second year students will be assigned an Academic Advisor as their primary advisor and a faculty advisor as their secondary advisor. Juniors and seniors will transition to work only with their assigned faculty advisor.

Academic Advisors assist students in

  • Selecting courses within the CLAS content areas
  • Declaring a second major or minor
  • Dealing with academic challenges
  • Identifying resources and support services on campus
  • Providing signatures for most CLAS paperwork

Faculty Advisors assist students in

  • Providing guidance with SLHS specific course selection
  • Learning about graduate schools
  • Exploring internship and career opportunities
  • Obtaining letters of recommendation
  • Providing a variety of networking opportunities within the SLHS field
  • Completing a final Plan of Study (POS)

Upon entrance into the program, we encourage students to make an appointment with their advisor. During these meetings, a plan of study (POS) will be created, and/or updated, to meet both the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ General Education Requirements and the specific SLHS department requirements. The POS is the formal document specifying what is required for successful completion of the SLHS degree.