Pre-professional Undergraduate Coursework

UConn has two admission tracks for SLP students: 1) the two-year track and 2) the three-year track. The track to which students are admitted is determined by the number of courses completed prior to the Fall entry into our M.A. program.  During the application process you will be asked what courses you have completed and/or are scheduled to complete, which will aid in determining which track you would follow.

Two Year Track: Students admitted to the two-year SLHS M.A. track have typically completed all of the pre-professional courses (or their equivalent) listed below. Most of this coursework would have been completed as part of an undergraduate program if the undergraduate degree is in communication disorders.

    Required Pre-professional Courses

  • A Biological science
  • A Physical science (physics OR chemistry)
  • A Social/Behavioral Science
  • Statistics
  • Phonetics
  • Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
  • Introduction to Audiology/Audiological Assessment
  • Speech and Language Acquisition
  • 25 hours of observation documented by a practitioner with ASHA certification

Three-Year Track: Students eligible for the three-year M.A. have a Bachelor’s degree, but fewer than the 15 hours of core coursework in SLHS courses and/or have not completed the other required pre-professional courses (e.g. a Biological science course). These courses will be completed during the first year of the graduate program before continuing on to the traditional two-year track.  Students enrolled in the three-year track will not be required to reapply to the graduate program after completing their first year.

Upon acceptance to the program, the undergraduate transcripts of each student will be reviewed by his/her advisor to determine if any of all pre-professional coursed need to be completed.