Observation Materials

Guided Observation Hours 

Guided observation hours, while not required for graduation as an SLHS major at the University of Connecticut, are an opportunity for students interested in the professions of Audiology and/or Speech Language Pathology to witness the interaction between professional and patient firsthand.  For students intending to obtain a master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology, 25 hours of guided observations are required prior to beginning a graduate program.   

Guided observation hours are offered and approved for enrolled UConn students only.  Any hours submitted or obtained post-graduation will not be approved by UConn.


How to Earn Guided Observation Hours 

Guided Observation hours are available through three different processes.    

  1.  On-Site Guided Observation Hours at The UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic, Storrs Campus. 

Each semester, the UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic (UCSHC) will offer a finite number of on-site guided observation hours.   All students, including those who have observed at the UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic prior to the Fall of 2019, need to attend a one-hour Guided Observation Hours Orientation to be eligible to register for guided observation hoursIn addition, prior to attending the orientation, the completion of a HIPAA Privacy and Security Module, through Husky CT, is mandatory.  The module will be available to you in the Non-class site of Husky CT after you register for an orientation session. 

The Guided Observation Hours Orientation will cover the process for signing up for hours, guidelines for observing, and how to submit your observation hours.   

          Hours will be available for pickup within five days of submission and must be picked up no later than the end of each semester. 

Guided Observation Hours Orientation Dates:

Spring 2020 –  March 3, 2020 – 6:00-7:00 PM – Homer Babbidge Library, Classroom of 1947 (1st Floor near Bookworms Café) – RSVP Required.  Note, this session is full.  The next orientation will be offered in Fall 2020.

          Fall 2020 – TBD – will be announced in August 2020.

Note for students who participated in the Fall 2019 orientation:  You do not need to attend orientation again.  Priority availability will be given to new students who have not yet earned hours.  An email will be sent to you following the March 3 orientation that will allow you to sign up for additional hours based on availability.


       2.  Off-Site Guided Observation Hours 

Students may earn hours at an off-site facility.   If observing off-site, students must have the following forms completed before submitting their hours for approval:  

                       Please follow the directions noted on the forms!!!  

Once your hours are complete, please submit the worksheet and attached documentation to Dr. Nancy McMahon’s mailbox in the Phillips Building (PCSB) room 225.  These will be signed within five business days and will be available for pickup in the clinic lobby (wooden shelf along the windows) in the “To Be Picked Up by Students” box.  Hours will be available for pickup within five days of submission and must be picked up no later than the end of each semester. 


         3.  Guided Observation Hours through Master Clinician 

Students can use  Master Clinician to earn guided observation hours through an online portal.  If utilizing Master Clinician Network, please select Dr. Nancy McMahon as the approver and email Dr. McMahon once all hours you intend to earn through Master Clinician are complete.    Follow the guidelines below on how to process signed off hours for final submission.


Submitting and Sending Guided Observation Hours to Your Graduate Program 

NOTE: Any students who completed hours on the old forms prior to October 1, 2019 are still able to submit those hours for review and approval.

1. Upon completion of all hours you intend to earn during your undergraduate career (to include on-site, off-site and Master Clinician Network), please complete the Guided Observation Hours Summary Form.  This form will summarize all completed and signed hours on-site, off-site and through Master Clinician Network.  Please attach all approved hours to the form.   As a reminder, please maintain a copy of your Guided Observation Hours for your records.  Submit the final packet to the “Final Submission for Director Review” Box in the clinic lobby.

2.  When you are ready for a summary letter of hours to be sent to your Graduate Program, please email sirrah.galligan@uconn.edu with the contact name and email address of the Faculty/Staff member of the graduate program you will be attending.  Sirrah Galligan will send the Guided Observation Hours Summary to the program.  Unfortunately, we do not provide our signed Guided Observation Hours Summary letter directly to the student.  Please allow a twoweek turn-around time for these requests.