Observation Hours – M.A. Admitted Students

Admitted students are required to complete 25 observation hours before beginning the program in the fall.   A formal letter sent directly from the accredited institution where hours were documented must be sent to the SLHS program assistant prior to the start of the admitted student’s Fall term.

Should an admitted student not have all 25 documented hours, they can earn the hours over the summer prior to enrollment but are required to follow the UConn SLHS department’s rules and guidelines on the observation hour approval process.  It is the responsibility of the student to reach out to SLP practitioners within their area to ask if they can observe and document their clock hours. The practitioner must be ASHA certified (CCC-SLP ) and must sign off on the documented hours.  In these cases, students are still expected to earn and have all their observation hours submitted and approved before beginning the program in the Fall.

Please visit the Observation Materials Page for more information regarding requirements for submitting off-campus observation hours for approval.