M.A. Admissions

Thank you for considering the UConn Master’s in Speech Language Pathology program.  Admissions are made only for the Fall semester of each year.  We do not offer admission for the spring semester.


Each year the application portals will open on September 1.

The application deadline is January 15.  In order for your application to be considered, it must be submitted and listed as “Complete” in the CSDCAS portal and Slate portal with all required materials by the deadline.  Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure their application is completed on time.


Admissions decisions are generally decided around March 15.  It may take up to two weeks for each applicant to receive notification of their admission decision.  Notifications of decisions will be made available via an email from the UConn Slate system.


Below is a checklist to help ensure you have completed all required steps in the process.  Please also reference our FAQ page as many questions regarding the admissions process can be found there.

We use a dual application system for our admissions. Applicants must apply through both systems to be considered for admission.

Complete all of the checklist items below:

  • Log on to the CSDCAS Portal
    • Search for the UConn program.
    • Complete application questions.
    • Submit official copies of ALL transcripts from any institution in which you have completed collegiate courses to CSDCAS for review.
      • We recommend you submit these as early in the process as possible to allow CSDCAS time to review. Should you choose to resend them after your Fall semester grades have been calculated you may do so; however, your application must be listed as “Complete” by the deadline in order to be reviewed.
    • Submit three letters of recommendation – we recommend that at least two of these come from academic references.
    • Complete two of the four essay questions.
    • GRE test scores are not required for CSDCAS.
    • Refer to the CSDCAS Help Guide for questions.


  • Log on to the Slate Portal
    • Complete application questions.
    • Under “Intended Program”
      • Select “Health”
      • Select “Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences MA”
      • Select “Storrs”
      • Select “Fall 2020”
    • Upload unofficial copies of your transcripts. Note: International applicants should follow the instructions listed on the Transcript application page.
    • Have your GRE test scores sent to UConn using code 3915.
      • Note, in can take up to three weeks for your scores to appear in your application. Please be aware of this to ensure that they are received by the deadline.
    • If applicable, send TOEFL scores to UConn using code 3915.
    • Employment is not required in Slate.
    • Essays and Documents are not required in Slate.
    • Recommendation letters are not required in Slate.

Reminder, in order for your application to be reviewed, you must submit your materials and have your application listed as “Complete” by the deadline.   You can see if it is listed as Complete by logging into your profiles.  Please do not call the department to ask that they verify that it is listed as Complete.

General Information:

We are often asked about GRE scores and GPA scores.  We review all applications that we receive and it is your decision if you wish to apply.  We do not provide guidance on individual applicant scores and whether or not the applicant should apply. However, we can provide you with the following guidance about the scores we have seen from our recently admitted classes.

The minimum GPA to become an applicant set by the Graduate School is 3.000. The Graduate School will accept either your cumulative GPA or your last 2-year GPA, whichever is higher. The average GPA of students admitted to the SLHS M.A. program is 3.700 for undergraduate study. The average GRE scores for admitted students are a cumulative verbal and quantitative score of 300 or higher. The written score on the GRE is generally 4.0 or higher.