Research faculty

Dr. Kathleen Cienkowski, Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Aural rehabilitation and hearing aids
Phone: 860 486 3289
Website: Aural Rehabilitation Laboratory
Dr. Carl A. Coelho, Professor
Education: Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Research Interests: Aphasia rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury, language functions of the prefrontal cortex, discourse analysis
Phone: 860 486 4482
Website: Neurogenic Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Laboratory
Dr. Lendra Friesen, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., University of Washington
Phone: 860 486 4773
Dr. Adrian Garcia-Sierra, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: Speech perception, bilingualism, language development, event related potentials
Phone: 860 486 6382
Dr. Bernard Grela, Department Head and Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D., Purdue University
Research Interests: Preschool children with language impairments, language learning disabilities, phonological disorders
Phone: 860 486 3394
Website: Child Language Disorders Lab
Dr. Susana L. Keller, Assistant Professor in Residence
Education: CScD, University of Pittsburgh
Research Interests: Dysphagia, neurogenic communication disorders, functional reserve & aging, bilingualism, evidence-based clinical education
Phone: 860 486 4078
Dr. Nicole Landi, Faculty Affiliate (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology)
Education: Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Research Interests: Acquisition and development of reading and language, individual differences in reading and language skill, fMRI methods
Phone: 860 486 6796
Dr. Jennifer Mozeiko,  Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Research Interests: Aphasia rehabilitation, discourse deficits following brain injury, mechanisms for recovery in chronic aphasia, functional neuroimaging
Phone: 860 486 0108
Website: The Aphasia Rehab Lab
Dr. Frank E. Musiek, Professor Emeritus
Education: Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
Research Interests: Neuroaudiology, auditory evoked potentials, central auditory processing disorder, auditory neuroanatomy, auditory neurophysiology
Dr. Emily Myers, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., Brown University
Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of speech and language, aphasia, speech perceptionPhone: 860 486 2630
Dr. Jill Raney, Assistant Professor in Residence
Education: Ph.D., University of FloridaPhone: 860 486 3503
Dr. Erika Skoe, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., Northwestern University
Research Interests: Plasticity of the auditory system, auditory evoked potentials, auditory neurophysiologyPhone: 860 486 3685
Website (lab):
Dr. Tammie Spaulding, Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D., University of Arizona
Research Interests: Cognitive mechanisms in children with specific language impairment, assessment of child language disordersPhone: 860 486 1665
Dr. Rachel M. Theodore, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., Northeastern University
Research Interests: Perceptual learning, phonetic variability, cognitive neuroscience, language acquisitionPhone: 860 486 3477
Website:  SLaP Lab
Dr. Jennifer Tufts, Associate Professor
Education: Ph.D., Penn State University
Research Interests: Hearing conservation, hearing science, speech and music perceptionPhone: 860 486 4082