Faculty Resources

CLAS Resources
  • For service or supplies, locate the CBS sticker on your printer.  Contact the Supplies or Service phone number and provide them with the code noted on the sticker.
  • For non-emergency issues an, complete an online work request.
  • For emergency issues – call Facilities directly at 860-486-3113
Graduate School
Grant Services
  • Questions related to grant service requests and support of current grants should be directed to Francesca D’Antonio at 860-486-4539.
PTR Guidelines
  •  General Guidelines
  • Faculty members who are going through the PTR process will have a file created for them on the OneDrive.  Please follow these departmental guidelines for uploading your documents to your individual OneDrive folder.
Scheduling and Room Availability
  • AAUP and OVPR funding request form and funding guidelines .
  • When possible, flights should be booked through the Sanditz Travel system.  Faculty members with their own KFS account can place the KFS number directly in the booking tool.  If flying internationally and using a KFS account, you must be compliant with the Fly America Act –  Fly America Act
  • Those who do not have a KFS account will need to input their own credit card.  AAUP and OVPR Funding KFS accounts cannot be used in the Sanditz booking tool.
  • If you choose not to use the Sanditz booking tool, please capture a screen shot through the Sanditz booking function to show that the flight booked outside of Sandtiz was booked because it was lower cost.
  • If you require a parking pass for Bradley International Airport, please complete a Pre-Trip booking request via the Travel Web Form
  • If you are traveling internationally, please complete a Pre-Trip booking request via the Travel Web Form
  • Upon return, please provide receipts and information for the following items.  All receipts should show proof of payment that your credit card was charged.

1. Airfare

2. Registration (if it was not paid for through the ProCard)

3. Hotel

4. Other Transportation (taxis/Uber/etc)

5. Copy of Award Letter from AAUP and OVPR

6. Other KFS account number (if applicable)

7. Dates of travel

8. Time of departure and time of return

9. Copy of agenda, if available

10. Dates and meals you received while traveling

11. If grant funded – detailed explanation of how the trip supported your grant work