Community Support Programs

The SLHS Department offers a variety of support programs.  Information on the programs we offer can be found below:


  • Aphasia groups are a supportive place to practice speaking and also to learn from the experiences of others with similar language difficulties. Discussions involve current events, coping with life with aphasia, and language games.
  • Book club also available
  • Click here for more information

Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut


  • Support group for individuals that stutter.

Living Well with Hearing Loss

  • A series of three classes which cover hearing loss and its impact on daily living, hearing aids and their function, and communicating with the hearing impaired, tips and technology


  • Social communication group for individuals who are transitioning or have transitioned. Emphasis is on voice and communication.

Social Skills Group

  • Social group for children who struggle using social skills effectively and their parents/caregivers.


For more information or to register, please contact Speech&