Admission Requirements

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: For students applying during the Fall 2022 application cycle for admission to our program with a matriculation date of Fall 2023, GRE scores are not required for the application.  If your UConn Slate application is flagging your application for missing scores, please contact

    Application Deadline – January 1

    Required Admissions Materials

    1. Completion of admission application in CSDCAS portal
    2. Completion of admission application in UConn Slate Portal
    3. Three letters of recommendation/evaluation (two from college-level instructors)
      • submitted electronically to CSDCAS by letter writer.
    4. Personal Statement
      • submitted through CSDCAS
    5. Responses to two essay prompts
      • 1500 characters or less
      • submitted through CSDCAS
    6. Resume outlining work and research experience
      • Roughly two pages
      • submitted through CSDCAS
    7. Essential Functions Attestation
      • attest within application through CSDCAS
    8. Transcripts
      • Official transcripts from all institutions submitted through CSDCAS
        • note – CSDCAS requires official transcripts from any post-secondary school where you have earned college credit, even if the course was transferred from another institution
      • Unofficial transcripts submitted through UConn Slate
        • Foreign transcripts will require an original be sent to the Graduate School.
    9. English Language Proficiency Score (if applicable)

    Not Required

    1. GRE Scores are not required for the Fall 2022 application cycle.
    2. Observation hours, though we do look for applicants to have an understanding of the field of audiology and clear career goals.

    Application Review

    For your application to be reviewed, the application must be listed as “COMPLETE” in CSDCAS.  This means all materials (e.g. transcripts, letters of recommendation, essential functions attestation) must have been received by CSDCAS.  We will review applications that are waiting to be verified in CSDCAS as of January 1, but all materials must have been submitted before the deadline to be reviewed.

    For your application to be reviewed, the application must also be listed as “SUBMITTED” in the UConn Slate application system.

    Questions about Application Status

    Please note that we do not respond to inquiries to confirm submission of your application.  You should routinely check CSDCAS and UConn Slate to confirm your application has been submitted.  If you have concerns about your application status, please reach out to the following contacts:

    • CSDCAS Application  – Applicant Help Center  – Important – do not contact the UConn Graduate School with questions regarding CSDCAS as they do not use the CSDCAS portal
    • Slate Application – please email, for Slate specific questions only.