2021-2022 Colloquium Series

We aim to highlight theory-guided, hypothesis-driven translational research with our colloquium series.  Our series is attended by all research faculty, clinical faculty, doctoral students, M.A. SLP students, and Au.D. students.  Our colloquia are also attended by faculty in relevant departments including Linguistics and Psychology.  We aim to encourage student participation by asking our speakers to send a relevant paper for students to read in advance of the talk.  We also ask speakers to limit their talk to 40 minutes, reserving 20 minutes for questions and discussion.

Our colloquia begin at 7:00 PM on the dates shown below with the location also noted.   Please contact Dr. Jennifer Mozeiko (jennifer.mozeiko@uconn.edu) with any questions.

Date, Time and Location Guest Speaker Colloquium Title
October 4, 2021



Dr. Charles Ellis Jr.

East Carolina University

Lessons Learned from Aphasia Telepractice: The Impact of Social Determinants of Health and Other Factors
November 1, 2021



Dr. Carlos Benitez-Barrera

University of Texas

Noisy Environments During Childhood: Language Disparities Later in Life?
February 7, 2022

Dr. Teresa Girolama

University of Connecticut

Diagnostic Stability of Language Impairment in Autistic Young Adults
March 7, 2022

Dr. Erika Skoe

University of Connecticut


Opening the door: Lessons learned from auditory neuroscience fieldwork

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