UConn Aphasia Choir

The UConn aphasia group choir performed for the fist time this summer.  It was great for language elicitation and fun for all of us!  Grad students interested in aphasia are welcome to join us as we prepare for a holiday performance.  Rehearsals start at 5:00 PM on alternate Fridays starting today, Sept. 16..  Feel free to drop by to rehearse when you can.  Mark your calendars for our performance on December 9th at 3:30 PM at St. Mark’s Church here on campus.

See a sample of our small summer performance here http://aphasia-rehab.slhs.uconn.edu/uconn-aphasia-group/aphasia-group-choir-summer-2016-short/ (1 min) or here https://youtu.be/ay8z9eT5Opo

Visit The Aphasia Rehab Lab (link to http://aphasia-rehab.slhs.uconn.edu/) for more information on rehabilitation research and UConn aphasia groups.