Pradeep Ramanathan, Ph.D., joins the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut (BIAC).

Pradeep Ramanathan, Ph.D., a faculty member in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences department was nominated to join the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut (BIAC) in October of 2013. His official participation with the board begins this Fall.

Dr. Ramanathan was recognized for his multiple efforts to support BIAC and the brain injury community in Connecticut. Since 2011, he has actively organized UConn students each Fall to participate in the annual Walk For Thought event for fundraising and awareness of brain injury. He has been an active member of BIAC’s planning commission for their annual conference since Fall 2011. Finally, Dr. Ramanathan established a biweekly support group for individuals with acquired brain injury (and their family members and caregivers) at UConn, and this has been one of the most successful brain injury support groups in the state of Connecticut since its inception in 2011.

As a member of BIAC’s board of directors, Dr. Ramanathan will also be expected to contribute toward activities that support the organization’s mission, which may include strategic planning, grant writing, consulting on brain injury research/science, planning and coordinating educational events, speakers, etc.

Congratulations, Dr. Ramanathan, on your newly appointed position to the Board of Directors of BIAC.