Month: June 2014

Erin O’Brien Wilson Recognized for Participation in Stuttering Workshop

UCONN SLHS is pleased to announce that Erin O’Brien Wilson was recognized by the Stuttering Foundation as one of only 21 speech-language pathologists selected to attend an intensive workshop on stuttering therapy.  According to The Stuttering Foundation president, Jane Fraser, the intent of the workshop is to “increase the pool of speech-language pathologists trained in the latest techniques for the treatment of stuttering.”  Congratulations Erin for being selected to take part in this unique workshop opportunity.

Erin O’Brien Wilson, Speech-Language Pathologist, Featured in Hartford Courant Article

Erin O’Brien Wilson, a Speech-Language Pathologist at the UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic, recently contributed to two articles in the Hartford Courant about George Springer, a UConn graduate recently drafted into baseball’s major leagues, and his success in overcoming a stutter he has had since childhood.

To read the full article, please click on the following links:–20140529_1_role-model-avon-old-farms-mlb-player



SLHS Communication Disorders Grant Fund Awards $37,000 in Funding

The Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences is happy to announce this year’s individuals that were selected to receive funding from the Communication Disorders Grant Fund for their efforts in supporting the management of communicatively disordered populations.  This year, a total of $37,000 in grant money was awarded to the following individuals for their proposed studies:

Linguistics Department – Diane Lillo-Martin, Ph.D and Matthew Hall, Ph.D. – “Executive Function and Implicit Learning in Children Using Cochlear Implants”

Psychology Department – Inge-Marie Eigsti, Ph.D. – “Comprehension and Production of Low-Level Acoustic Detail in ASD as they Relate to Auditory Sensitivities and Speech Comprehension”

Psychology Department – Letitia Naigles, Ph.D. and Jinhee Park, M.A. – “Understanding of wh-question in Children with ASD Learning Korean”

Speech Language and Hearing Sciences Department – Carl Coelho, Ph.D. and Ted Jenkins, M.A. – “Exploring Links Between Gesture and Discourse Markers in Aphasia”

Speech Language and Hearing Sciences Department – Christine Hare, Au.D., Jennifer Tufts, Ph.D. and Erika Skoe, Ph.D.– “Proposal for a Hearing Conservation Initiative for Music Majors”

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Department – Erika Skoe, Ph.D. and Rachel Theodore, Ph.D. – “Biological Markers of Reading Ability in Adults with Dyslexia”